I Did Miss Driving

When we were in Manila for almost one month, my daughter keeps on asking me if I miss driving since we always taking the public vehicle when we were there. I did not answered her though instead I told her no since for me it is sometimes too tired to drive especially when the traffic is so heavy.

When we arrived home, I thought I could no longer drive, I thought I forgot how to drive at all but nope its not, it is indeed true that when driving is already in your system, it stays there no matter how long your are not driving. I even notice now that I am more confident now in driving compared before. I did miss driving.

And even though I am not sending my daughter anymore to her training, I am still using the car when I have to send her to Kumon, and when I would go out with my friend. I am actually driving almost everyday now, I know my car does not have the expensive looks but nowadays she is very dependable. Geez she needs a bath this time though, I mean I have her car washes last week but not with a wax so maybe if I have the time today, I will go to the car wash spa before or after my appointment to the Dentist.


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