Flooding Again!

Expect more and more rains when its June so some of the areas that usually hit by a storms are preparing as to where they can evacuate when the water keeps on rising and some are trying to stock some foods to eat, or candles, and flashlights when there’s an electricity outage  the but sometimes no matter how prepared we are, we can’t still deny the fact that somehow we are less-prepared when calamity happens. When storm Butchoy hit some areas in Manila, it floods a lot especially in Navotas area. In the news, a man was seen trying to paddle his plastic table to get to his destinations and two residents trying to get to the highest spot because the flood was almost reach up to their roofs. I had never experienced flooding, and I am thankful for it, geez I don’t know what will I do, when the water keeps on rising up in the area, I don’t even know if I survived maybe I will have to put the kids first to safety, I may asked my eldest since she is a swimmer to help her sister. And I will be okay dealing with myself. But I am praying it will not happen to us, not now not ever. And I am praying for those people who are affected again with floods. I know, we Filipinos are a fighter and even stronger when a calamity such this strikes, I believe our strong faith to the LORD will lead us the way.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I do agree on what you have said. There are too many tropical storm that come and go to our country and we didn’t know what may happen to some of our citizen. Thanks for sharing these topic.

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