My Husband Does Not Like Beach

If some of you have a husband who loves beach, it is opposite to my husband because he does not love beaches at all. He was a navy before and he said that he has been spending his 15 years at sea so water bored him a lot already. He also have a very sensitive skin, he would get itchy when he stayed for long under the sun. I guess if we decide to spend our time at the beach, my kids and I will be the only one to enjoy but he said it is okay for him to be just in the shed while reading his book. But he is okay with swimming in the pool, as long as it is not too hot, he was surprised though that our daughter F does not have sensitive skin when at the beach in fact F enjoyed playing in the sand, just like she did at the Camp Holiday, she even lie down in the sand and made an angel out of it. She said if there’s a snow angel, there should be also a sand angel. LOL

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    What must be the reason why your husband doesn’t like beach? Well staying in the beach can relax you.

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