The Outreach Program

Not only is the state of the economy causing us to tighten our belts and watch our money more closely. Schools and local governments are forced to cut back on services and community programs that place and emphasis on arts and humanitarian projects. More and more these programs depend on private donations from individuals and industry to survive.

How do communities and schools bridge this gap in funding? One way is through a community outreach program. Talented volunteers are needed to support such programs. By hosting this type of program and seeking donations, the gap in funding can be made up.

It is important for us to support the arts. My kids enjoy singing and dancing, though my smallest is like her dad and can’t dance very well. These programs are often the first victims of budget cuts. Supporting outreach musical or theatrical programs, helps our kids develop social skills and can teach them to interact with others

I think it would be fun to help out with a community outreach program and to involve my family. It shows our support for our community and our support for friends and family. We all need to work together to keep these types of programs in our areas.

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