Deciding Yet Which Hotel To Pick Up

I am yet deciding which hotel to choose to stay when I travel on the weekend. My financier is laying me all the best options and I choose the cheaper one, but I have to make sure if they have the airport service there so there will be no hassle if I have to go back and forth in the airport. I heard that you would pay like $20.00 to the staff inside if you wish to get inside the terminal but my financier said I don’t have to go inside but I am certain it is much advantage if a hotel have the airport car so it is convenient for the customer to get to the hotel without dealing some vans there that would cost the customer a fortune. My husband mentioned me about the airport service in the hotel that we stayed, he said I should get that hotel but I really could not remember if they have the airport service. Anyway, I still have few more days to pick a hotel for me I hope I would choose the best one.

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