Holidays Without Stress

It’s that time of year again, when many of us will be counting down the days to the summer holiday. Whether it is a romantic getaway for you and your other half, a solo expedition or a fun packed family holiday in an all inclusive hotel, holidays are a fabulous thing to look forward to, making all those stressful days at work and the extra overtime all worthwhile.

Holidaying without the stress is even better. There’s nothing worse than stressing out the days before your holiday, making sure that everything is packed, ensuring you haven’t forgotten anything and dreading the early morning wakeup call that you’ll have to use to ensure you don’t miss the flight in the morning.

Instead, why not pack your suitcases, dig out your passports and stay at the Manchester airport hotel the night before your flight? Rather than doing it all in one day with no sort of respite, a relaxing evening in the airport hotel could break up your journey and make your vacation stress free.

Unlike some airport hotels, you’re not too far from the rest of civilisation either. There is a shuttle bus that will take you between the hotel and the airport, meaning you are a stone’s throw away from the check in desk, but there’s also a shuttle service that runs between the hotel and the railway station.

Arrive at the hotel in the afternoon and pop into Manchester city for an evening. Dine at one of hundreds of excellent eateries or see a new release movie at the Odeon IMAX. Make the most of an extra day in the metropolis, before jetting off to foreign shores.

Remove all your worries about making it to the airport on time. You never need to risk missing a flight again – not when your bed the night before is just around the corner.

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