I Need Someone To Teach Me

I know it is hard to admit that the photo album is obsolete nowadays; I could even see some photo albums always on sale at the mall but still no one dared to buy those because we can just easily share our pictures to our friends through networking site. But sometimes I missed printing our pictures, it gives more sentiments and value when we can see our pictures in a hard copy, that’s why scrapbooking came up to my mind recently. I have been planning to start with it, I even look for scrapbook supplies at the mall yet I don’t have any idea how to begin with it, my friend shared me some points but geez I can’t seem to start at all. Maybe I have to look for someone to teach me how to do scrapbooking, I know it takes a lot of effort, and you really have to devote yourself and time for it, you should also make it a habit so you would enjoy what you are doing and it will come out really good.

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