Parks In Baguio City

These were the parks that we visited in Baguio. The picture below is a small parks near Mansion House. I love all the trees that were on the surroundings so I took a picture of it.


After the Mansion House, we went to a real park this time; you could see different colors of hair for the horses with this park. The kids wanted to ride one of the horses but to ride with it; we have to pay like P200.00 for 30 minutes. So my daughter and I agreed to just take a picture of a Calesa where you could pose for it with a horse, we only have to pay 10 pesos for all of us. So since we went there for picture taking, we just choose the latter.


And here were the 100 stairs of the park, and no my sister and F did not go up there. They were too many and my sister’s knees are not that strong anymore to climb up stairs like that.


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