Amazed With Medical Stuffs

When my daughter was hospitalized for a possible appendicitis, (thank GOD, it was not) last year while she was looking around the ER, she was so amazed with the medical computers around. And not only that, she was so curious with dextrose and stuff but not the needle at all. Until now, she is still scared of that, but she always told me she wanted to be a nurse someday. Anyway, so we spent there for a day, we supposed to go home early next morning because Jm wanted to join the competition the next day. But when the Doctor learn from it, he did not let us check out that morning, instead he went back to the hospital and released us already in the afternoon. The Doctor was firmed to tell her not to swim until she was fully recovered from UTI, Jm was sad and did not talk at all, to make her feel at ease, we just treat her to a restaurant to eat her favorite foods.

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