Pursuing Her Dreams

It has been 2 years that my friend invited me for a vacation, she had 2 purposes why she would like me to visit that place with her because she knows that I had been looking for a guitar for my daughter and the place that we supposed to go has the best selling of guitars. They have varieties of guitars and one of them that my daughter really really love to have is the epiphone les paul 100, it was indeed so gorgeous and so classy, it even have a good sound but sad to say at that time, I just declined the invitation because I didn’t have extra funds yet but now if she would invite me again on the same place I would gladly be with her. Or if not, I might look for it in the malls since my daughter is going to enroll for guitar lesson next week, geez I need to secure a budget for it because they have this policy that if you can’t pay them in advance the student will be out in the club already. We love music and I want my daughter to pursue her dreams on it.

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