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Running The Car To The Flood

The other day my friend and her family and I went to the beach for a little getaway, it was later in the afternoon that it started to rain. The staffs in Paradise informed us of the last trip of the ferry boat so we have to get ready, we supposed to plunge in the water for a little longer but because of the abrupt information we have to finish as soon as possible otherwise we could be no longer take a ride going home because of the rain.

The rain poured so hard when we get inside the car. The traffic jam was too much and when we were approaching of a certain mall I have to take a U Turn because the water was so high there already. But then the road that we took going to the house of my friend also has floods, oh well not much though but it almost reached to the floor level of the car.

I learned a lesson from that situation, as I tried so hard to drive on the flood, the brother-in-law of my friend told me then to do not change the gear no matter what and I have to run slow to avoid of changing of gear. I successfully run the car up to the dried road, but I must admit I was so nervous while running the car but I made it, I am so glad I made it!

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