Landed In A Swamp

Last night, just the time my daughter finished her training, it started to rain. I was already having doubts if I would take the diversion road since I know it is slippery, but due to my being stubborn I still went through diversion road going home. While driving I saw a motorcycle and the truck ahead of me, it was down hill so I keep on stepping on my break. For me to avoid that, I transferred to the other lane, I was already in 4th gear this time when suddenly I heard a blag! We landed in a swamp! The engine stopped for a while, I have to start it thrice before the engine works. I admit I was scared JM woke up with what happen, I was thinking what if we were not able to make it, and we stock there, it was raining and I am sure my mechanic could not rescue us. When we went ahead, the road was slippery, I had to gripped my hand to the steering wheel to control it, I just change the gear to the 3rd gear this time so to slow down, it was also dark and raining harder, My daughter slept again at the passenger’s seat in my back, and thank GOD we arrived home safe. Next time I will never take the diversion road when its rain.

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