Bringing Gadgets While Traveling Is Not Good

When we went to Cebu for an interview, I brought my eldest daughter with me, I know she will get bored without anything to busy with when are on a plane and while traveling from the airport down to the hotel that I called to stay at, so I told her to just bring her with her Nintendo Wii, but you know what I was wronged to tell her that because inside the taxi cab while I enjoyed the view outside she was too busy with her games, she was not able to appreciate the new view, the new city that surrounds her. If she was just so attentive with her surroundings she might enjoy it also as much as I do. So when we arrived at the hotel, I told her to just leave her Nintendo inside the hotel while we go out to see what’s outside, she agreed with me and she just charged it instead. I was right though because she was astounded when I brought her in Magellan’s Cross, she could not believe it that she was able to see it in real, she has been reading that in the book at school and she was so happy that she was able to have her picture taken there.

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