Malls Are Using Biodegradable Plastic Bags

SM I think, was the first mall who uses paper bag for their environment campaign, so every Wednesday they are not using plastic bags to put all the groceries but a paper bag instead.

Just recently I bought a magazine in the bookshop, the staff just gave me the magazine without putting it in a plastic bag, I asked for a plastic bag but she said, they are not allowed anymore to use plastic bag. I was okay with it; at least this could minimize plastics in the garbage.

When I went to one of the malls here to grocery shop, a notice was put in their plastic bags, biodegradable plastic, I asked about it and the staff said, the plastic that they are using for grocery items are environment friendly, it would slack easily and the span is just 6 months.

I just heard it recently that the malls are using biodegradable plastics and they will have fines if they are using the not biodegradable one. This is good to all of us, in that way, this will help minimizes the garbage that surrounds us everyday, kudos to all the malls who are using the environmental friendly plastic bags.

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