Delayed For Two Hours

My friend and her family went to Bohol last Wednesday; they purchased their ticket in AirPhil. They were so confident that nothing will happen along the way as they board on a plane. But to their surprised, the Air Phil made an announcement that there will be a delay of flight, it was okay then since it is the safety of the passengers must be prioritized when there’s a change of weather or any emergency that might occurs if they insist to take off but the thing is they were not offered any foods for lunch. The staff said they are not offering because the plane is coming over at 1:00 p.m., but it delayed again for another hour and the passengers are starving.

I am confused because I heard in the news that there’s already a policy that if there’s a delay of flight, the management will going to cover their food allowance and or hotel to stay but why is it even they were delayed for two hours or more, the Air Phil does not even offering lunch for their passengers. Was it already implemented or they are still debating for it to be implemented.

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  1. Pretty Kat says:

    Anne, the policy for delayed flight is 4 hours delayed then the airlines will provide food and if it is last flight, then that’s the time they send you to the hotel with free food, service for back and forth… even the travel insurance, will only pay you back if the delayed time took for more than 4 hours. hehehe…travel insurance applied only for international flights..

    agi ko hehe nag EC dropping ug Alexa ko diri hehe

  2. Pretty Kat says:

    waaa corrections… “applies”

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