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An Instrument To Start

My youngest daughter is in preschool and she is learning a lot. Her teachers took the kids to the gymnasium for them to pick an activity, but being an active four year old, she thought she was being taken there to play. Needless to say, the other kids followed her in just having a great time running and jumping and generally not doing what their teachers wanted.

Well this got me to thinking, my youngest daughter loves music and I really want her to express herself and develop her musical talent (well I hope she has talent). I think a piccolo woodwind brasswind might be good for her to start. A piccolo trumpet is the smallest type of trumpet and maybe my active four year old can handle it. What do you think? Is four years old too young to start an instrument like that? I just hope that if we do get her a trumpet that she will not decide she needs to practice at 2am.

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The Tour Guide

My friend just arrived from their vacation, when she was able to rest a bit; she messaged me immediately to see me because she has some presents for me. We met at the Nail Art shop where I had my nails done. She could not stop talking about their tour and the tour guide. She knows that at the butterfly sanctuary she could see the same of what has in here, she knows that everything they offered there, she already experienced it here. But what made it unique is the tour guide; she said the tour guide was very very funny. They could not stop laughing, it was only like a 15 minutes tour but with them it took them 30 minutes to one hour because of the tour guide. They had so much fun when the tour guide would crack a joke, it was a joke but he seems so serious while telling it to the group and that’s made them laugh so loud.

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Attractive Outdoor Furnitures

What I like the venue of the training of my daughter is that they have WiFi and so I can check my FB updates, twitters and Instagram. I will not be bored if I have to stay there for JM. I also love the rustic outdoor furniture that they put in their club house and in the playground; it is very attractive to the guests and very nature-like. No wonder they always have bookings in their function halls because of its very accommodating facilities. My husband also has this kind of furniture on her front yard and in the patio, but I think it needs a replacement but it has to wait until we get there so I could checks what best for his patio.

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