Beach Moment With Relatives

As I said to my other blog, I had so much fun today, although tiring when we got home but I can’t deny that I enjoy dipping in the water together with my kids and relatives. The place was a bit far because we have to go through inside of a some sort of residences before reaching the beach that my cousin told us about. It was not a very developed beach resort but if you are in a budget that beach will be the place to go to.


Good thing, I was able to bring my Digicam, thanks to my daughter who never forgot to mention the camera. That’s my sister and cousin.


My eldest daughter and the sister of my Mom joined then the picture taking at the cottage they rented.


With my youngest daughter now who had tantrums when I didn’t allow her to run anywhere the beach. Oh well, it was high tide already and I am afraid she would go far away.


My eldest daughter together with her cousin, enjoying the water so much. Look at that smile!

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    It seems that you really enjoy having a beach moment with your relatives. I misses the time where me and my family are together. It may be a great bonding.

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