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The Prime Interior Minister Is Still Not Found

I have first found this news online, at first I was not attentive with the crashing plane, but later on it caught my attention when they mentioned the passenger and was not found yet. The plane was crashed along Masbate ocean, they tried to have an emergency landing but unfortunately they were not able to reach the run way. The plane went off to the water; the private plane was carrying our Prime Interior Minister Sec. Robredo. The aide was the only one found and rescued by a fisherman when the plane crashed into the sea. He said, he tried to touch Sec Robredo to save him but he could no longer see him as the water started to get inside the plane, he swim out from the plane instead. The fisherman saw him floating 300 meters from the shoreline and rescued him. The rescue team immediately searched Mr. Robredo but because of the strong current of the water they could not dive as it said that it was too deep, it is about 200 to 300 feet. The pilot was said to be the hero of the caretaker of a Zoo, when a cobra snake attacked and bit him. The anti-venom could only be found in Camiguin, the Pilot was the one who went to Camiguin to get the anti-venom for the caretaker. The caretaker was saved last week and the Pilot now struggle his life to survive. We just hope and pray that they are safe now in an island just waiting to be rescued.

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It Is Best To Be Ready

It is always best to be ready so when circumstances will come, your family would not be left with nothing. There are insurance you could try online and one of them are, I am sure if you check thoroughly each of the term insurance they presented, you would find one that suits for your needs. My husband already has insurance but he is thinking to get another one for us. I have insurance but it is for retirement insurance that I could get when I reach 60. What about you? Do you also believe that it is best for your family to have insurance? If that is so what kind of insurance do you prefer to get?

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