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A Glimpse Of Hope


We were on our way to Jm’s training when we noticed this rainbow. It feels like amidst of the chaos that we encountered daily in our lives, somehow there is still a glimpse of hope.

It has been a while that I haven’t seen a rainbow so I immediately told my daughter to take a picture of it. I can’t take a picture of it myself because I was driving.

Isn’t it so nice to see a rainbow? But I wonder why we only see rainbow for only once in a while. When I saw this rainbow while driving, I was smiling, I feel like hopeful, I know someday we will be reunited again.

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It Needs Proper Planning And Feasibility Study

Since I resigned from work, I wanted to have a small business, yes and I wanted to have a restaurant kind of business. My brother-in-law is a good cook so I guess he can be assign in the kitchen, and I should be the cashier so I can monitor the flow of the money. But it was only a dream that never came true because I don’t have the drive to start a small business, or even to make a canvass for restaurant equipment. For me starting a business needs feasibility study, in how you managed, the capital, the equipment that you must used, the location and all that.

My friend owned one before though but she gave up because her employees betrayed her. They took some of their income and when she found it out no one would like to tell her the truth, they keep on covering each one. She has no choice but to shut down the business. That made me more scared, I have the if’s and but’s for a business, I don’t like to waste my money out of a business without proper planning and study.

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