Car Experienced Flooding Three Times

There were three times already that I have drove down to floods, first was when it was my first time to drive my car  and take note, that time the aircon does not function so well. That was a bit of adventure to me, because my car was fogging all over, thank GOD I survived.

The second one was last month, I have to passed by through this road because all the roads were blocked by floods and that was the last road we had to pass through, the last thing I heard from my friend’s brother-in-law who sat in the backseat  is do not change the gear because the water is up to my tailpipe already. If I will change my gear surely enough our engine would stop. So I did that and luckily we went through.

The third was the same road on the second one, this time I have to get through that road to fetch Jm from her venue of training. I have my friend with me and guess what? I was so nervous trying to get through, the worst is we have to stop in the middle because of the traffic. When we were able to get through, my exhaust pipe smoke so hard, when we arrive at the clubhouse, my friend then told me not to stop the engine or we will stock there.

I stopped the car when we were already home, thank GOD nothing much happen and we were still safely arrive home.

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