Different Pools That She Have Experienced

My daughter has tried different swimming pool due for her training. The first swimming pool she experienced was in Brokenshire; there she learned how to swim. So since we have to transfer another club, we tried the Holiday spa, we just stayed for summer though since they won’t allow training on the said pool. We have to look for a swimming pool that will accommodates training for swimmer so we landed at Woodridge. She has done her training there for almost a year but some circumstances occur, I decided to change her coach just this year and so we venture again another pool.

Here are several of swimming pools that she swims for last year:


This was the pool when she have learned how to swim


This is the pool of holiday spa, they were doing the warm up here before they dive down in the pool


Just after training, her co-swimmers were playing the canon ball.


This was her novice competition in MILO, she was doing the backstroke here.

She was one of the delegates in Palaro last summer, and whenever she won for her event, I always told her to put her feet on the ground. Although sometimes she seems like as if she knows everything but I always correct it because in the learning process, there are still things yet that you haven’t learn and you thought you already learned it.

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  1. Edwin says:

    Excellent photos! This post is very interesting to read one and thanks for sharing this post with us.

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