7.6 Earthquake Hits The Philippines Yesterday

Last night while I was talking to one of the parents at the pool, I feel dizzy and the ground was shaking. The other parent who watches the Korean series at the other table, stood up immediately when she feels it, she look at me and I told her there’s an earthquake.

The kids asked to get up from the pool; they were having a sprinting at that time so nevertheless they could feel the shaking of the ground. They were just standing beside the pool, while the parents stayed calm and still.

The earthquake lasted for a while, everyone stayed as where they were. Then after the quake, I opened my facebook and saw lots of updates about the quake. All a sudden there’s a tsunami warning announced for some certain provinces.

The earthquake was said to have the 7.6 intensity and since the epi center is about 58 miles from the shore and the quake ruptured at a depth of 22 miles, it has the possibility to cause tsunami.

The first province that is possible to have tsunami is Samar, Leyte and some parts in Mindanao.

The tsunami hit 16 cm at Samar, which was said to be the first wave. The residents were advised to go uphill especially to those who are living in a lower ground. At past 12:00 a.m., the tsunami lifted.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Another horrible thing happen in our country and I think that it is the way of our mother nature to tell that we need to change in order for us not to suffer in climate change.

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