I Was Driving Without A Wiper!

It did not rain when we were about to leave the pool, but our coach informed me then that it is raining so hard somewhere in our place and it is flooding too. I even joked him that maybe the rain is already approaching here and it will stop there. He stopped at the gate of the clubhouse and rode in another car, I guess that was his relatives.

Anyway so we were on the road, the rain started to pour but viola when I switched the wiper on, the wiper did not function. I look for a place where  I could stop so I can check the wiper but no matter how intently my stare was and even how I do some touching with the wiper it still didn’t work. Good thing, early this morning I applied this glass cleaner in my windshield that clears the rain, so I could still see the road a little. But when it pours hard, it is getting too blurry. I stopped for a while at the gasoline station, waiting for the rain to stop even just a little. After a while, I started the engine, the rain has stop a bit but on our way home, I have encountered a flood, some of the cars gave up already.

Moreover, as of this writing I survive, we survive, I have to thank my daughter for helping me and guiding me through all the way. That was indeed another adventure while I am driving, but I really have to have the wiper check, even though it was some sort of experience, I hate this word to say, it is not fun at all!

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Woah! I never thought that you can drive during the rainy season without any wiper. Luckily that there is no accident happen to you.

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