If Only I Have That Program

 I worked as one of the staff of a certain travel agency before; it was a small travel agency. My work there is to find the Acct. Receivables of some customer whom they forgot to ask for payment. Yes, you could book a flight without paying yet in that travel agency but that’s only if you are close to the management or their frequent customer for long years already. But since of too many customers who booked a flight without paying first, some lists could not be found and I have to trace it back.

Later, when the accounts were settled, they promised me to learn a certain program to book a flight. They said it is fun to learn that program. I could even put up a travel agency if I already have that program. They have better plans for me at that time but the problem was their first year rate, I can only get P 100.00 per day for the first year. Inasmuch as I wanted to used that program, the rate gave me a second thought, it could not give us the proper living especially I already have my daughter at that time.

I worked in another company but I realized then that I must had not let the company go until I learned that program because if I have enrolled to study that program, I may have a travel agency now.

Anyway, the name of the program that every travel agent must learn is ABACUS.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well if only you have the program. I think that the program is very good.

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