He Just Have To Develop It

You could really differentiate between people who know how to drum to those who don’t know at all. Or you could really know the one who have enrolled in a musical school for drummers to the one who did not enroll himself.

My nephew wanted to be a drummer, I told him to inquire at school and be part for the drum and bugle but he was too shy, he loves drums but his shyness always caught him. He wanted me to buy first a drum but I was worried that if I already going to purchased one for him, he would still not used it because he didn’t joined the drum and bugle team.

This summer I want him to enroll to where my daughter will go to enroll her guitar lesson. I am sure my nephew would enjoy it especially when he has to practice pads for drummers. I hope he would get over his shyness, since he really loves to drum. He already showed his talent to drum with my daughter as his audience and Mj said he is really good at it, he just have to develop it. Oh well good luck to my nephew.

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One Response to “He Just Have To Develop It”

  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well another workshop you my have to enroll. I think that, you should apply in the best school that offer wonderful lesson.