All Girls Road Trip

Even though I and my friend is willing to travel to Gen San for possible swimming competition for our kids, we are still holding that thought because we are still trying to figure out where or who to submit our entry. My friend and I planned to travel through her car; she said if she gets tired, she has me to replace her. I am not sure yet if I can drive in a foreign road, away from the city I lived in.

On the other hand, I guess that was only 3 hours travel though but hell I am worried. However if I will surpass driving long hours than the usual, then I could really say it to myself, I am a real and professional driver.

Imagine to drive in a hilly and down slope road with some mountains on the side and on the other side is the cliff. I even saw a truck fell off from the cliff from our previous travel on that road. And it scared the hell out of me, my friend just laugh out loud with my reaction at that time. She said I just have to be careful and I’ll be safe.

It would be so much fun too; our kids will be in the back seat and me on her side while she is driving. It would be all girls road trip, I hope when we get to our destination we still have time to roam around the place, chillin in the malls and parks.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I suddenly miss the road trip with my friends too. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

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