Exquisite Look But Simple

When we were in Manila, we rented this small transient. It was affordable and yet so clean. Like some hotels, they also have free breakfast. One morning when I was looking for the receptionist, my feet brought me to where their kitchen is situated; the receptionist was there giving instructions to their cook. I was amazed with the kitchen, it was small yet it is organized from kitchen utensils to the kitchen tools. Their kitchen cabinet is so durable and has a good design, I asked them if how much was their kitchen cabinet, I was so surprised with her answer, she said they only got the affordable kitchen cabinets since their income is not that big. But if you take a look at it, those expensive cabinets could not compete with how impressively classy that cabinet has. I tell you, it doesn’t look cheap at all. That transient really has the exquisite look yet it is simple. The only little problem is that the location, it is a bit far away from malls and fast food chain, other than if you are looking for an affordable to stay over night; you might want to stay there.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Where is this place. Wow! then it seems that the owner is very strict when it comes to their place. Thanks for sharing the idea, I will be able to go visit that place soon.

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