Alternator Is The Answer For Us To Go Anywhere

Yesterday, my car broke down again, the signal, the hazard, the horn just went off. I left the car at the gasoline station to be rescued today. This morning, I have to wake up so early to go to the shop. My mechanic went out with me to get the car at the station. He brought a battery with him to recharge my car then the engine starts. We both know it would only take 30 minutes or more that it would work so we have to hurry to get to the shop.

Later he found out that the alternator is the culprit. It has lost contact to the brass so it needs to be replaced. And I don’t have budget yet for the alternator, they said it’s a bit pricey but anyway I will have to take care of it on Monday. I don’t have choice but to buy it no matter how expensive it is. We need the car to get fix right away for us to go anywhere in the city whenever we like.

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