Statue Of Liberty: A Great Adventure

I was just at home when I don’t look for work after graduation; sometimes I read some books that I borrowed from friends or Readers Digest that I bought from the garage sale. There, I learned about this history of the statue of liberty, it was interesting, I learned that it was designed by Frederic Bartholdi a French sculptor and soon was awarded design patent. The patent covered the sales of small copies and the proceeds helped to build the statue of Liberty completely. The statue of Liberty is a gift to the United States from the people of France.

Ever since I read the history of the statue, even though it was just brief, I became much more interested to see it in real. My husband is from Maryland and he said that it was only 2 hours travel from Maryland to New York, he promised to bring me there when our papers get approved. I am sure that the statue liberty tours would help us with hotel accommodations and buses to get to the liberty. This is a one time vacation getaway for the family, the statue really amazed me, I want to go up to the throne of the statue and watch the overview from there. I want to take more fabulous pictures during the tour and the harbor itself. This would be a great adventure for the whole family I can only imagine. I have to cross my fingers to it.

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