When We Have The Time

When I was still on training at the call center and during our lectures, when the class gets too boring already I had two workmates who was gladly presenting themselves for ice breaker, one would sing just like a diva and one would play her guitar and sing as well. We enjoyed just listening to them, it is the best way for us to relax like 15 minutes before we listen and take notes with the lesson again. I always want to play a guitar, but I think I am already too late to still learn from it. I can only wish for a guitar at MF gibson les paul studio, I heard they have the best instrument ever. But as I said I can only wish yet on the second thought it is never too late for my daughter and niece here, my niece enrolled for a guitar lesson before but she did not take the advance lesson because she runs out of time already and besides she is now in college and busy with her thesis. My daughter is as busy as well for her training and tutor but she is decided to get the lesson on summer when everything is not that hectic anymore, she can’t wait to strum and play the guitar and take the acoustic lesson at the studio. She would learn because this interests her even before but we just don’t have the time.

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