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The Super Storm Sandy

One day ago, I read some news about this super storm Sandy that will hit the east coast. I messaged my husband right away about it. The next day that was Sunday morning his time, he told me that the super storm will pass through later yet. It was raining so hard on Sunday morning his time, I could even hear the rain when the husband went out to check the surroundings. Monday morning his time, he called me immediately when he woke up, he said it is already raining very hard, the sky looks as if it is still dusk. We were still able to chat when I arrived home from the training, and showed me some videos of the storm at the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which was said to have the major impact.

This morning my time, night time his time. He told me that the electricity is now fluctuating. My husband is staying at the basement of his house through the night. And this is the update from Live Blog as of 7:00 p.m.

Hurricane Sand, a massive storm described by forecasters as one of the largest to ever hit the United States, has picked up speed and is moving northwest at 28 mph. Maximum sustained winds are 85 mph. The center will soon make landfall near Atlantic City, NJ. The Category 1 hurricane is threatening nearly 50 million people. Storm surges of up to 11 feet are expected in New York City.

The NAS Patuxent River still opens, but the Gates 1 and 3 are closed already.

The Hurricane Sandy moves up the eastern seaboard and the winds would continue from the west-northwest at 40 mph increased to 50 mph until 5:00 a.m. when it will back to the southwest at 40 mph gusting to 50 mph.


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Accident In Amandari Cove

Losing a child is the greatest fear of a parent or a Mother, especially if it is only because of an accident.

It was Sunday, and the Amandari cove staffs in Gen San were so busy attending the event. The Amandari cove has two pool, one for those who are trained competitively and the other one is for leisure. Since that day was so hectic, no one was able to notice that a boy who is only 4 or 5 years old is already drowned. The one who saw her is a toddler as well, saying he is dead while pointing of the other boy in the pool. The people around that pool were panicked and were asking for help immediately. They did the CPR, the boy responded a little and threw up some water but he was already dark and needed to bring in the hospital right away.

On the other hand, the competition did not stop, we needed to finish the even before 5:00 p.m., since some of the participant have to travel yet to get home. We had so much fun in the Amandari Cove, good thing I booked our stay on the said hotel where the venue of the swimming was held. We didn’t go out of the hotel’s premises to avoid buying stuffs outside. So our two days were just spent inside the hotel, we ate our breakfast, lunch and even dinner there; their foods are not that expensive so we were able to save.

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I Want To Send Her For A Guitar Lesson This Instant

Honestly I am tired with this swimming stuff, I really like to send Mj for a guitar lesson in an instant and buy her first-class guitar cabinet besides she loves music anyway so why not send her to a musical school and let her explore her talent in music. It is my frustration to learn music and I am so glad that my daughter’s interest in learning on how to strum a guitar is still high; she is still very persistent to learn. I can’t wait to hear her strumming and playing her own guitar in this house, I am sure everyone would join and will sing for her too.

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Because Of Her Out Of Town Competitions

I must admit that even how tiring it is to send my eldest to her swimming activity everyday, I have learned how to go places and what to do when you are in a place where you don’t know anyone. Because of her travels for competition, I know now where to go and even findings some hotel online near at the venue of her competition.

This is my first time to go to a place without a team in my side, Mj, Yuna and Arisa were only invited to join for the said competition, one of the coach who already my friend since last year of summer told me he can just attached us on his team so they can join. But unfortunately they will have to travel on Saturday at 2:00 a.m., so we could not join them in their van. So I just told the mom of Arisa and Yuna to just meet us at the Bus Terminal on Friday to catch up a Bus going at the venue. The travel will take us three hours to get to our destination so we should catch up a bus at 3:00 p.m., so it is not yet dark when we arrive there. I don’t know the place and I don’t know where the hotel exactly located, I just know that the resort hotel is having a competition the next day. I already reserved a room for us there so my concern is only to take the kids there safely and sound without any glitch at all.

I am not that confident when I am in a new place but with my experience of going to some places when Mj have a competition last year, it added me a confident somehow. I don’t need anyone to get me to any place, I mean I can just make an inquiry through online and I am so glad that when I ask for a help through a blogger friend she was able to help me look for at least a decent inn to stay.

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