Visited The Newest Mall

Yesterday we went out to visit the newest mall in town; we went out so early so we could avoid the heavy traffic. A friend told me that until now from when it was open, there is still a heavy traffic on the way going to the mall. I told the kids to hurry up preparing their stuff so that we can off to go, I just took the diversion road so we can get there immediately.

The mall was huge, and yet it was not fully finished, my eldest daughter exclaimed that it looks like MOA but nope MOA was really big maybe she just said that because it was too much crowded. We directly went to Department store to buy my youngest daughter her costume for the upcoming birthday of her classmate. After we bought all her stuff, we roam around a bit, we went to the SMEX. One of the guards said that there were some exhibits displayed on that area. We went inside, we took some pictures around then we went to take our late lunch. We had to wait for their cousin since she was out to attend her project with her classmate.

My niece came and we went to Forever 21 to roam around at first but my niece spotted a shirt that was only cost P300.00 I surprised that with it and told her she can get it. She paid it right away and we went home just before dark.

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