The SMEX Convention

We headed to the SMEX right away after we purchased Faith’s stuff. The SMEX convention is located at the top floor or was that in the 3rd floor; there were some exhibits when we went there. Gatchalian, Roland Jumawan, Cake R Us were there and some shops for invitation cards, Marco Polo was also there for exhibits.

As usual, I was not in the mood for picture taking so my daughter grabbed my camera and then she clicked and clicked without even trying to at least know what company she took a picture with.


See those displays? There were still lots of stalls inside, you just have roam, stop or maybe drop or subscribe.


The Gatchalian Stall


If you are looking for personalized invitation cards, you may want to visit their website Those are the sample invitation cards in the picture.



My daughter could not just stop clicking the camera so bare with the pictures, it doesn’t even a tag name of the company.


Now this is the Marco Polo. If you want something luxurious to stay and great dine why not stay in a five star hotel like Marco Polo.


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  1. I’m excited for the first SMX event this year. I hope to visit soon.

  2. TracyAnn0312 says:

    It is very exciting to go in SMEC convention. Thanks for sharing it.

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