Putting Up A Salon Or Any Business

Among the business that my friend want to try is putting up a salon. I also want to put my own salon since all my kids are all girls I could save a lot in terms of hairstyles, and make ups and all of that. But competitions are everywhere, one of my friends closed her salon because she was not able to earn enough, my dentist who also happen to have a salon beside her clinic also closed her salon and now is selling her cosmetology supplies. So you see, if you don’t have well-trusted hairstylists, it is the start of your mismanaged salon. Putting up a salon or any business should you need a thorough check or as my husband always said, the first thing that has to be done to put up a business is to have the feasibility study so you will not regret it in the end or bankruptcy in the latter.

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  1. Amy Shields says:

    Your husband is probably right but I guess business is a gamble. You will never know if you succeed if you didn’t try.

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