Our Car Broke Down At The Same Time

Yesterday, on our way to church, I noticed that the engine of my car seems to stop. I ignored it thinking maybe it was just  I pressed the accelerator not that hard. But then when we already, almost near at the church I noticed the battery signal went on, I lowered the gear immediately from 4th to 2nd but then when I tried to stepped over the break, the break did not engage. We were almost at the grills in the middle of the road, I actually almost bumped the grills and the gutter when I got panicked good thing I could still remember that I need to lift the hand break so we will stop. I lift the hand break just on time otherwise I would really squash the grills and my headlight as well.

I messaged my friend Joyce right away, telling her I need a rescue because my car broke down but it was just merely like trying to ease up my situation so I will not be pissed off. I have done texting my mechanic to rescue me before I messaged my friend Joyce, I laughed at her reply because she said her car also broke down in the middle of the road and it was the same time as mine. It was absolutely a coincidence, she was asking for help also, good thing my mechanic was already on my way to where I was and since it was just the electricity that glitches he repaired it like only 5 to 15 minutes. I immediately told them that my friend needs help because there is something wrong with her clutch and she was also need to be rescued. I am really thankful that I have a mechanic whom I can ask for help anytime, and he works really fast as well that’s a plus factor.

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