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Gen San Escapade in Amandari Cove Hotel

We were in Gen San last month for a competition therefore it was also a chance for me to stroll around the place. I really didn’t go out in the hotel vicinity, I am worried of the expenses that I may incur once I would go to the mall or hop into places. The venue of the competition will be held in the hotel (The Amandari Cove) that we stayed. You may think that we could not take some pictures inside the hotel area, oh well we had lots of pictures. I was with the cousin of my friend   and she was the official camera whore, so I was influenced to make some pose. LOL.

Gen San Escapade

I really found this spot a very relaxing place. Look at the water lily in the pond it seems like they are just so contented floating in the water. They are seemed so quiet and calm and it is just so beautiful for me not to notice it.


Telephone number: +63 (83) 554-2654

Address: Mabuhay Road, Dad. Heights Gen Santos City

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