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Showing Off Peacock In Eden Park


Do you want a perfect view of this kind of bird? Oh well you may want to visit the Eden Garden park here in Davao and you could see this Peacock walking around showing her beautiful colourful feather. My husband and I went to Eden Garden Park last 2007 and we can’t help but to appreciate this peacock, she was like showing off and telling us “look at me, I am so pretty”!

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Emerging Asian Tiger

I am feeling so proud that Philippines is ought to called A Emerging Asian Tiger, this is how the prime minister of Canada describe of the economy of the Philippines, it is definitely rising. As a matter of fact to show the confidence of Canada to the Philippine economy, the Prime Minister Harper pledge to increase the investment to the country during his meeting with our President Ninoy on November 10, 2012.

This is a good news though and I hope this is the answer now of our unemployment issues in the country, and the continual increase of our basic needs including grocery items and gas. Philippines has proven its worth to the world, in fact one of our tourist spots Palawan is a top tourist destination, a well-known travel destination and it is highly recommended by different websites in the Internet. Palawan is also known as the ultimate Archipelago for adventures and is ranked 8th in a list of top 10 travel regions for 2012.

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Better Prices For Our Home And Yard

When I think of our home, I am always thinking of ways I can make it better.  What improvements can I make to increase its appeal, increase our comfort and of course increase its value if we decide to move or my husband gets a job in another place?  What do I do to get ideas?  Well I check on the internet to see what other people are doing and I visit the more traditional brick and mortar stores to see the real article.

What I do after checking online the going to a store to check it out is; I go back online to see if I can find the best deal for what I want.  I can often find better prices or discount coupons for what I want.  I may even find something I like better at a lower price, something I may have seen in the store, but was a bit outside of my price range.

I love to shop, but even more I love finding bargain.  When I look for items for the home and for our yard, I want to find the best what I want at the best price.  I will use any tool I can find to save money. Having two growing girls and in this economic climate, saving money is a must.  So when I shop, quality, and affordability go hand in hand.  I do my best to budget our money and we do a lot of do-it-yourself projects.  How about you?

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