Falling In Line Or By Number?

Every time I go to this certain bank, I always caught up in a long line. They have put a belt crowd control so there will be no hassle when people fall in line; they were able to stand on their line without worrying to have anyone inserting a line. It is the best idea for the bank to have this barrier so there will be no chaos in the middle of the line. The company just have to see to it that this barrier is safe and the belt will not release easily when someone would touch it or a kid would play with it and would fray anytime. We can see different supplier of Retractable belt but there’s only one company I see that has the safest and slow retracting brake system and that is the line king stanchions, they used stainless steel to prevent rust and the steel post is powder coated. Its polished makes it long lasting and durable. But there are also company that does not use retractable belt but by numbering so the client can just sit down while waiting for their turn to transact. One of my banks does that so I can enjoy noting my expenses while being so comfortable sitting down, or just simply staring at the ceiling while waiting for my turn, lol. What about you, what do you prefer the numbering or falling in line with retractable belt crowd control?

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