Proper And Complete Gear

Whenever I see motorcycle racing, I can’t help but to get amazed with their adrenalin of climbing and rushing to get to the final end. And while watching them, I could also appreciate the field of their venue, on the sides you could see many green trees and on the spot where they have their racing, it was a little bit plain and there are spots that are hilly and down slope, if you are not a rider you will never get to the top and go downhill. It was so sunny when we watched the motorcycle racing, we did not plan that but I get curious with the crowd so my friend and I stopped by to watch it. All the racers are in a proper and complete gear from helmets, knee protectors to icon gloves so in case if something would happen to them like stumbling down when they get to climb on a hill or get crash on a swamp, they have these gears to protect them. But no matter what happen to them even they crash or fall down, they would still get up and ride, they don’t care if they get hurt from racing, what matter is that they could go to the finish line and win.

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