The Spots That We Will See In The Upcoming Field Trip

I have mentioned here before the upcoming field trip of my daughter, and oh they won’t only visit the SM Lanang Premier but they would also going to visit the air force office at the old airport. I actually do not know that there’s an air force office or building or I don’t know what to expect when we get there. Could we see different planes when we get there or just some plane decorations? I am actually so excited to see those things when I would accompany my daughter. Aside from the air force we are also going to visit the Home for the Aged, wherein my daughter could interact old folks who don’t have anyone that could take good care of them. My daughter doesn’t have a chance to mingle with her grand Mom or grand Dad because they have taken from us long time ago already, so the field trip will give her a chance to interact with them. My sister could not go with us since I just paid for myself and Faith, I mean I want to include her but let’s see if how things goes here. This is the 2nd time that Faith experience of going to places with a school teacher and school officers, the first one when she was only a toddler; we went to Crocodile Park where Faith was able to see different crawling species and bird as well. She enjoyed the bird show so much that she did not care the heat of the sun at all. After we roamed at the park with her classmates we went to soak ourselves in a pool at the Forest Hill. Faith loves water so she did not get bored nor complained at all even she went home so tired and exhausted. With this field trip in the new school, I am sure she would get amazed with the fun and all the activities that she would see. I am an excited Mom as well because I have never get to visit the air force and the home for the aged before, this is a fun exciting field trip for me and for my daughter.

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