A Sudden Swift Of Decision

When Mj finished her training last night, suddenly she blurted out to me that she wants to stop and that she wants to learn guitar now. I was surprised because I’d been asking her last week if she want to learn guitar and stop training but she doesn’t want to replace her training for any music lesson yet last night all so sudden a swift of decision was made. Yes, I admit I am tired and I was actually looking for affordable 72 telecaster deluxe from guitar center last week so if I could bargain her a guitar   and she would decide to stop swimming, I can just buy the guitar immediately then I will enrol her for guitar lesson in an instant. But she did not buy my offer, instead she told me she would still want to swim, win or lose for any competition. I know she has been wanting to enrol herself for a guitar lesson but what can I do, if she doesn’t want to be convinced, which is why I wonder why is it last night she change her mind, and now it is too late because I have also, already made a decision maybe I will just enrol her for guitar lesson this summer.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well it seems that changing decisions can also help you to become better.

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