Undecided To Go To Bohol

After I sent Mj to her training, my sister and I went to the mall to grocery shop then we went back to the clubhouse to fetch Mj. When we arrived, one of the parents asked me if we would like to go to Bohol for a competition in December. I was doubtful because it is December and probably I will be bombarded with expenses on that month. But we want to try; I never went to that place after all. I also want to tag my sister along with us as she didn’t go to Bohol as well. She told me maybe she can track all our relatives there, mother side if we would pursue the travel. I am still undecided now I hope I can decide just before December so we can book our flight this month and avail some discounts.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    I think you should go to Bohol because it is one of the best places you can ever visit in the Philippines.

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