I Could Not Visit The Place Again

When one of the parents in swimming invited us to go to Bohol for swimming, I said yes immediately so Mj could be inspired once again. But then I was failed because she is already determined to stop. She said she wants to try new things now and she is eager to enrol now for guitar lesson and piano lesson. The music studio is located near the mall so if she’s there practicing there I would surely be roaming around the mall. It is three times already that I have almost the opportunity to see the beauty that Bohol offers but sad to say I can’t be there again this time.

First I want to go to the Blood Compact Shrine, which said to be the spot wherein the “Treaty of Friendship” between the European and Asian occurred. This blood compact is the agreement for the two chieftains of creating a cordial and diplomatic relations between Asian and European.

Second I want to see, is this smallest and endangered primate the Tarsier.

And the third one is of course the Chocolate Hills!

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  1. genny says:

    oh, dont say that! you can still visit the place one of these days. Tarsier and Chocolate Hills wont going anywhere. they sure will wait for your visit one day….:-)

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