Child Friendly Airports

It is always not easy when you travel with kids most especially if your flight is delayed. Most often than not you would always see any means just to show the kids to have some fun while you are stuck in the airport and should wait for how many hours. Nevertheless, the tension of looking after the kids in the airport is the most tiring since they could not be just in one place anymore, they want to roam and roam around the airport and you could not just chase them because you are also very tired. Good thing some International airports have seen this kind of scenario of those parents tagging their kids along. Believe it or not some airports are offering some wonderful stuff for the kids, from different play areas and nursery services, and then the kids are all set up. Plus the restaurants offering kids menus and the like are such a bonus.

Airports like Gold Coast in Australia, Edinburgh Airport in UK, Madrid Barajas International Airport in Spain, Munich Airport In Germany, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Netherlands, Abu Dhabi Airport in UAE, Changi Airport in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia and Hongkong International Airport are the top 10 airports that are child-friendly and could not be bad at all when cancelled or delayed flights occur to happen.

These airports offered like arts materials to keep the kids busy, mini cinema for the kids to watch, some great entertainments in each group, free play area, child friendly touchscreen monitors for the kids to learn how the airport works,  gadgets like Nintendo are available for those kids who would like to play games and so much more.

I just hope that our airport here also offers some of those stuffs since our flights keeps on delaying or worst cancelled. But I am glad that they already have a strict policy that if the flight is cancelled or delayed, the airlines are offering free accommodation and meals in the hotels.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    It is good to have a child friendly airports because it can help others in order to be more comfortable. Thanks for sharing it.

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