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The Wedding Yesterday

I already had been to Camp Holiday only once and I promised myself to go back there again when I have the chance. I just love the resort so much and I swear to GOD to bring the kids there for a short getaway but never of that happened because I was just too busy this year. First off was the swimming career of my daughter and the expenses when we have to travel for her competition. Thus, having a short vacation in Camp Holiday resort was not accomplished.

Until my brother-in-law invited me for a wedding event yesterday, he reserved me and my niece for a seat as it was the wedding ceremony of his brother. The wedding was held at Camp Holiday Beach Resort, the resort that I so wanted to visit again. My sister expected me to come and I am as excited as I want to take a picture of the event. I am so excited to use my new camera in an event such as yesterday. But I was not able to come, because my niece has a class to attend early in the morning yesterday. I invited my friend to accompany me there but she can’t since her fiancée needed her to be online every morning. The wedding ceremony would start as early as 8:00 a.m. and I have to travel yet for like an hour and 30 minutes and will also have to take a barge to get me to the resort. I would like to attend myself alone but my sister was not able to come here early to attend my youngest daughter and so I was stuck in the house daydreaming the beautiful beach and surely romantic views in the wedding. I will just wish them my brother’s in law brother the best of luck on their journey as they enter the world of husband and wife.

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A Bike Rack When We Go To My Friend’s House

My daughter already stopped swimming, if in case some of you didn’t know that. But she is still so active now; she used her skates and bikes most often now. But the bike I bought for her a long time ago is already busted and the one she is using now when she has to bike around the village is her cousin’s bike. She wanted me to buy her again another new bike because she wanted to show it to her friends when we go there at their house after Christmas. Of course we need to have a thule bike rack when we travel. It is a must so we can put the bike up on top of our car and that we don’t have to worry when we encounter bumpy roads. My friend’s house is a bit far from where we live, and even so, we can still assure that her bike is safe because it has rack on top. My daughter is so excited to show it to her friends, that’s why she is bugging me to buy her a bike and yet she also wanted me to buy a guitar, anyway as long as my budget is still okay, I may have to buy her both but if not I would buy her the one that she needs when she enrolled in music soon.

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I Miss The Room

My friend was not able to meet me up at the movie yesterday but she waited for me at the lobby. She said she was not able to make it because she checked in first in the hotel and there were few taxi cab yesterday, the driver said it seemed like all the people in Davao went out to the mall or maybe they were able to get their bonus already and so they went out shopping and have to get a taxi cab so it would be easy for them to go home.

When my friend and I met finally, we went grocery shopping and we dined at the Entrée Restaurant in Apo View Hotel. After dinner, we went up to the room to have a little chitchat. When I entered the room, I suddenly missed the whole area, my husband and I usually stayed in Apo View Hotel whenever he was here. The smell and the ambiance inside the room brought me in the past. Sigh! But I am sure my husband will be back for us here, he loves me that much not to visit us one of these days. I just have to hold on to it. On the other hand, I am planning to stay with my kids in the hotel after Christmas.

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Rechargeable Batteries Is A Must When You Travel

There are already 100 of times already that when I travel, I always forget to charge my battery at home and I tell you it is really pissed me off. It is indeed good if we always have an extra rechargeable battery in our bag so even we don’t get to charge our battery at home at least we still have one extra to depend on while traveling. So if you are like me who travels from time to time, you may want to purchase rechargeable aa batteries here, I am certain it could help you big time especially when the battery is drained and you were in your utmost adventure. If you are still not convinced why you need to have another rechargeable battery, I will site you an example of my one of my travels. I was with my daughter in one of her competition, we had to travel for that competition and when we arrived at the place, I was so excited to click the views in front of my eyes but I was so disappointed when the battery of my camera just didn’t work. It surely pissed me off!

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