A Bike Rack When We Go To My Friend’s House

My daughter already stopped swimming, if in case some of you didn’t know that. But she is still so active now; she used her skates and bikes most often now. But the bike I bought for her a long time ago is already busted and the one she is using now when she has to bike around the village is her cousin’s bike. She wanted me to buy her again another new bike because she wanted to show it to her friends when we go there at their house after Christmas. Of course we need to have a thule bike rack when we travel. It is a must so we can put the bike up on top of our car and that we don’t have to worry when we encounter bumpy roads. My friend’s house is a bit far from where we live, and even so, we can still assure that her bike is safe because it has rack on top. My daughter is so excited to show it to her friends, that’s why she is bugging me to buy her a bike and yet she also wanted me to buy a guitar, anyway as long as my budget is still okay, I may have to buy her both but if not I would buy her the one that she needs when she enrolled in music soon.

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