I Miss The Room

My friend was not able to meet me up at the movie yesterday but she waited for me at the lobby. She said she was not able to make it because she checked in first in the hotel and there were few taxi cab yesterday, the driver said it seemed like all the people in Davao went out to the mall or maybe they were able to get their bonus already and so they went out shopping and have to get a taxi cab so it would be easy for them to go home.

When my friend and I met finally, we went grocery shopping and we dined at the Entrée Restaurant in Apo View Hotel. After dinner, we went up to the room to have a little chitchat. When I entered the room, I suddenly missed the whole area, my husband and I usually stayed in Apo View Hotel whenever he was here. The smell and the ambiance inside the room brought me in the past. Sigh! But I am sure my husband will be back for us here, he loves me that much not to visit us one of these days. I just have to hold on to it. On the other hand, I am planning to stay with my kids in the hotel after Christmas.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Everyone misses there rooms. I do love being at home and sleep in my own room.

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