The Wedding Yesterday

I already had been to Camp Holiday only once and I promised myself to go back there again when I have the chance. I just love the resort so much and I swear to GOD to bring the kids there for a short getaway but never of that happened because I was just too busy this year. First off was the swimming career of my daughter and the expenses when we have to travel for her competition. Thus, having a short vacation in Camp Holiday resort was not accomplished.

Until my brother-in-law invited me for a wedding event yesterday, he reserved me and my niece for a seat as it was the wedding ceremony of his brother. The wedding was held at Camp Holiday Beach Resort, the resort that I so wanted to visit again. My sister expected me to come and I am as excited as I want to take a picture of the event. I am so excited to use my new camera in an event such as yesterday. But I was not able to come, because my niece has a class to attend early in the morning yesterday. I invited my friend to accompany me there but she can’t since her fiancée needed her to be online every morning. The wedding ceremony would start as early as 8:00 a.m. and I have to travel yet for like an hour and 30 minutes and will also have to take a barge to get me to the resort. I would like to attend myself alone but my sister was not able to come here early to attend my youngest daughter and so I was stuck in the house daydreaming the beautiful beach and surely romantic views in the wedding. I will just wish them my brother’s in law brother the best of luck on their journey as they enter the world of husband and wife.

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One Response to “The Wedding Yesterday”

  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    It looks great to have the wedding in the beach resort. I also want to have my wedding in a resort. Good thing you have shared these idea.