A Gift For Her This Christmas Eve

Did I mention before that my eldest daughter will soon eager to learn any Musical Instruments? Yes, she is now that’s why she is bugging me to enrol for any music studio, she is now looking forward to learn the guitar, piano and even drums! Ever since she stopped swimming, there is no day she has been reminding me of when is the exact date that I will have money and free time to send her to the studio so she could enjoy this holiday season singing her favourite Christmas songs while strumming her guitar. On the other hand, it seems to give me an idea what to give her this Christmas; I am sure she will be happy with a new guitar to face the Christmas Eve!

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Seems like your daughter are very passionate on the gift she wishes for. I f I were you, pursue the dream she wanted. Maybe it is where her skills will excel.

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