Two Surprising News

When I open my FB through my phone, I was so surprised with the shout out of my cousin, she just said that there was an earthquake a while ago and it was a bit strong. I was not able to notice it while sleeping, my husband woke me up on the phone but I didn’t realize that earlier than that, an earthquake just occur. The earthquake was 5.9 intensity and it was 9Km east of Talisay, Philippines. The affected nearby places were Mati, Lupon, Pantukan, and Koror Town Palau.

There is also surprising news that really struck me and this would happen on Sunday. Remember the killer typhoon Pablo that devastated the South and left with lots of victims from flash floods and landslides caused by the strong gusting wind. Yes, Pablo unexpectedly turned and make a landfall again in the North. So Luzon area should be extra careful as Pablo would travel and strong winds up to 160 kilometers with heavy rains in early hours. The typhoon is following the current of the ocean.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    But it happen that the typhoon Pablo landed in Visayas. I would never think that these typhoon and earthquake are quite stronger.

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